Friday, September 5, 2008

Teachers- The Guiding Light.

Like a lit- candle replaces darkness with light,
You replaced ignorance with education.
Like a ladder enables to climb great heights,
You enabled me to climb& yet you stay in the same place.
Like a tree that gives shade,
You gave me protection at all times.
Like a flower that spreads fragrance
Your teachings and words of advice will linger in my mind forever.
Like a hand always there to hold on to,
You led me through the widening path called life.
Like a parental figure always there to look upto,
For guidance it is always you whom I seek.
Like the gifts of nature, expecting nothing in return,
Except a sense of gratitude to say "I have done well for myself, Thank you".
Like a gardner whoose patience leads to the blosoming of flowers,
Your patience is the reason I stand here in full bloom.
Like a sculpter whose skill and expertise transforms into a master peice,
You with your skill and expertise have transformed me
Like a parrot repeats what is said many times,
Iam here to repeat a small word " Thank You".

This post is dedicated to all my teachers of Vidya Mandir, MOP Vaishnav and Madras School of Social Work.


Hemant Trivedi said...


You are a typical studious student as they come from Medras Nalla Medras. LOL
I too come from Madras and I will never forget the place.
Will be following your blog closely.


Archana Achuthan said...

Thank u sir...