Saturday, September 12, 2009

To Nandini, With Love

One pleasant evening in July 1997, my dad was inducted into the Rotary Movement. It was on that evening that I met one of my mom's collegue Savithri aunty & her daughter Nandini, their family was already into rotary. "Nandini" I have a great fascination for this name right from a very young age & am easily attracted to someone with that name!! Plus her big bright smile attracted me!!! Till date according to me Nandini's smile is the best!!
Nandini & I became very close during our 1st meeting itself. Then by & by as I started spending more time with her I noticed that she was a very beautiful person on the inside as well... she was an excellent student, superb orator,avid quizzer & amazing dancer, in short a multitalented person. I started learning a lot from her& we together used to organise many programmes and entertain people in our club. We enjoyed each other's company and she was like a elder sister to me. I still remember doing dandiya with her during diwali in the year 1999.
Then when I completed school and looking out for colleges it was she who suggested her college which offered the course I wanted- MOP Vaishnav College. I liked the college a lot at first sight & spent 3 glorious years there. Nandini was my senior and she passed out of college the year I joined it. After that I did not get to see much of Nandini, because she was busy with her PG & then she joined one of the most established IT company and became extremely busy. Then during my final year, I learnt from my mother that Nandini was not keeping well, and was working from home. I really felt awful and prayed for her all night. After about a year, On the night of 24th dec 2005, while I was spending christmas vacation at my cousin's residence, I recieve a call saying that Nandini had gone... Gone to a place from where she cannot return.... I was totally shocked!! It was that night that I came to know that Nandini had gone because of lymphatic cancer & was under treatment for the same. That night I did not have a wink of sleep, her thoughts came gushing in.
It has been 4 years now & I miss her a lot!!! Her parents(she was an only child) have stopped socializing though I get to meet her dad & speak to him, I have not met her mom at all in these four years. I spoke to her on the phone once but every time I speak to her I remember Nandini & struggle a lot not to ask her "How is Nandini"?? Same applies to her dad also. But atleast with him I can keep from asking this question somehow but not with aunty. Both her parents see me as their daughter- which gives me a lot of satisfaction and pride that they see Nandini through me.Nandini has also contributed in a big way to what Iam today by showing me our college & teaching me a lot of lessons for life. I still believe that she is living somewhere in this world and I cannot get to meet her. Miss her terribly when I organise /entertain /sing/ compere in the club and I always think of her. Miss you Nandini!!! I know that you are reading this post from somewhere & flashing your big bright smile.... Miss you. Love you !!


Chandrashekar said...

This is what happens when God takes Human Avatars. The human quality rubs on Him. We pluck the beautiful &
fragrant flower when we fall for it. So too with God. Whom he loves the most he takes them away from us, at a young age. We share your feelings.

Archana Achuthan said...

Thank you uncle!! Very true!!btw Appa does not knw that I maintain a blog (dont want him to knw either!) This is my space...