Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ambika Akka- A Guru Anyone Will Yearn to have!!!

I was about 8yrs old, when one evening my mother told me that she was going to take me to meet a dance teacher and that I will henceforth learn dance from her. I was initially hesitant because I was learning dance already and for about 6months or so that teacher was only teaching me how to sit in "arrai mandi" (a sitting posture in Bharathanatyam). But my mom promised me that it will not happen again and this dance teacher- Mrs.Ambika Kameshwar will teach Bharathanatyam in therapy format (Dance therapy) and it will do me a lot of good. The moment she said "therapy" I became more hesitant because at that time I knew only physiotherapy and was not much of a fan of it. My mom then said that physio and dance therapy are two different things altogether and asked me to just come and meet Mrs. Ambika Kameshwar and then decide whether to learn from her or not.
So finally, my mother and I reached my dance class, a small flat in R.A Puram. The minute I saw I was awestruck by her beauty, she warmly welcomed us and the first thing I told her was I was learning from another teacher and showed her a few steps I already learnt. She just watched me for a few minutes and told me that I will start learning dance afresh from that day. After this meeting all the hesitations I had were magically erased.
Then on began this strong bond and I started learning dance from Ambika "Akka".I was very much attracted towards her, her beauty, the way she speaks, her patience , her enthusiasm (which is contagious!!) , One great quality in her is that she never scolds any one. and last but not least her unlimited affection towards her students. I was very happy that I was progressing in dance and I loved my dance classes and my circle of friends at the dance class.
Not only that Akka encouraged me to write poems for her organisation- "Rasa" 's souvenier, and choreographed one of my poems and made me to step on to the stage to perform!! I was my first ever performance and I will always be greatful to "Akka" for her gesture. Then on I performed for the "Rasa day" quite a few times. Iam really very lucky to have Akka as my "Guru".
I have known Akka and have seen her grow from strength to strength for the past 18 years.
Here's wishing Akka A very happy Silver Jubilee !!!!Undoubtedly she is the kind of Guru that every student learning dance would yearn to have. May she continue to spread the joy of dance for many more generations to come..... Love you Akka!!
-Archana Achuthan
Senior Disciple of Mrs. Ambika Kameshwar
Director, Sampurn Counselling Centre.

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