Saturday, November 12, 2011

Manjal Elai Kohukattai ( Turmeric Leaf Rice Balls with stuffing) - The Manglorean Delicacy

We have a Diwali - day routine, one of my dad's closest friend visits us with family to wish our family every Diwali early in the morning. Later we go to their house and exchange diwali greetings,talk about the clothes,crackers we bought and about new releases for diwali and most importantly eat some of the mouth -watering delicacies which they have made. According to me, their family makes the most delicious food ever!!
It was Diwali of 2000- So as always after he visited us with family, it was time for us to visit them. This is what I love most about Diwali - visiting their family for the amount of affection and warmth they exude on our family. So we walked into their house and after exchanging pleasantries and Diwali greetings we were offered Manjal Elai Kozhukattais (Turmeric - leaf rice balls with filling/ stuffing) It was rice balls with stuffing wrapped in turmeric leaf. I was told that it was a Manglorean delicacy made only on festive occasions.
I took one bite and to tell the truth it melted in my mouth, the taste was out of the world!!! The crunchy coconut,the sweetness of the Jaggery together with the subtle flavour of the turmeric leaf made it the most exotic as well as my most favourite dish ever!!
Till date I get my share of " Manjal Elai Kozhukatai" every diwali from their house.

Below is the recipe for the dish:


Rice flour - 1cup
Coconut -1 cup( grated)
Jaggery - 1cup
Elachi- 4nos
Water - As required
Salt -1tsp

Method: Clean the turmeric leaves. Mix the rice flour, salt and water heat it on the stove stirring it continuously in low flame till it attains a thick consistency, in such a way that it can be spread completely on the turmeric leaf. Make the puranam (filling/stuffing) with grated coconut and Jaggery and water . Heat it in a frying pan for 5 minutes. Add elachi when the mixture is thick and ready. The rice flour paste has to be spread on the turmeric leaf and the puranam (filling/stuffing) to be spread in the middle of the rice paste.
Fold the leaf length wise. Place it carefully in the idlli plates (the utensil used to make idlli) and steam it for 10 minutes. Tasty Hot "Manjal Elai Kozhukattai" is ready.

Go on, try this in your homes too!!! Hope my most favourite dish will soon be your most favourite dish too!!! Happy Eating!!

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