Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time To Change

One thing that I would like to change is the educational system in our country. When I think back in time I find that the school going children of today are put to a lot of undue pressure and stress than the school going kids a decade ago. Children have lost their precious childhood due to the pressure to be an outstanding student in class and the need to outshine peers. Children are set to a routine of school - tuition- home, and rarely are seen playing outside their house. Play is a stress buster for kids - but these days children do not take up outdoor games at all - hence games like hopping and catching, lock and key ,Hide and seek, blind man's bluff etc have become a rarity and are almost nearing extinction. Today's kids have turned couch potatoes and are addicted to video games and play stations which in reality only build stress and do not help to de-stress. This is also reflected in their studies.
A decade ago, children enjoyed studying because school and studies were something that they enjoyed and communicated with parents, friends, teachers and neighbours a lot - which provided them a outlet and they were more enthused and eager to study. And school was a non threatening environment for them - It was a second home. Today children do not communicate as much with parents as in most houses both parents are working and the concept of "quality time " has crept in which most parents are trying to give but are unable to give their children. Kids do not communicate with kids in the neighbourhood either so an outlet of their activities for them is lost.
Though due to technological advancement studies and method of teaching has become more appealing it still builds enormous pressure and challenges of a new kind to the kids. Educational system should be made more simpler . It should be accessible to all sections of society and most of all it should do away with this mechanical routine of kids. Education should be enjoyable. Let us let children be children!And let them enjoy their childhood just as we did!


The Solitary Writer said...

I agree on this. Its sophisticated these days... Loved it.. and promoted ..good luck

Archana Achuthan said...

Thank you!!