Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life As It Had Been...

Childhood is the best phase of life for an individual, and so it was for me too! Growing up in the late 80's and early 90's was indeed a boon. Playing with the neighborhood friends in broad day light / in the cool evenings was such a pleasure! Collecting neem leaves and sticks I used to at times form alphabets with them or make a birds nest with them hoping that some bird will come and stay in it the next day!My friends and I used to dig deep into the sand and make sand castles in my grandma's garden or make sand cup -cakes. We also used to do a lot of pretend-play- We used to imagine the steps leading into our house was a boat, the floor below was the river and we used to use cricket stumps and pretend as if we were moving the boat by moving forward. We also used to play hide and seek, blind man's bluff, ko-ko,running and catching , hopping and catching and badmiton -all this and more in the lap of mother nature!
Apart from all this the best aspect of my childhood has been the enumerable mythological stories that my maternal grand father has told me over and over again. I used to really enjoy listening as also acting out parts of these stories in the lush green terrace garden of my grandparents which will be adorned by different fruit. vegetable and floral trees. I also used to love watch my grand father water all these trees with such passion. If he tells me any story that involves nature it will always be in this surroundings. I also use to pluck flowers and fruits for the house hold with my grandfather.
And Iam sure the stories filled with moral values that he told me over the years have moulded me into the person Iam today.
I can clearly say that the way I was brought up had been one with nature and nurture.

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