Monday, March 10, 2008

My Initiation To The Whole Wide World!!!

Rewind to the year 1988... A year which was a turning point in my life... It was the year I joined Vidya Mandir Mylapore, My school where i spent the next 13 yrs of my life.... Vidya Mandir according to me is not just a school it was a home away from home for me... It laid the foundation for the life I lead today...
Along side academics my school encouraged extracurricular activities like music, dance drama and encouraged students to bring out their hidden potential, this proved to be a boon for for me,as a kid i was very much interested in music (singing in particular).
As a student in the kinder garden section I loved my piano class & used to listen eagerly to senior students practising or giving us accompaniment while singing. I liked my sloka classes equally 2!!(In the home front my grand father taught me lot of slokas & other devotional songs.)
My teachers helped me to discover my potential and encouraged me to sing for school days, plays, Dance Dramas etc. As a result i was always there when any extra curricular activity happened in school. They also told my parents to train me in classical music. so I started my formal training in classical music at the age of 8.
In addition to singing I also developed interesting in writting poems. I wrote my first poem in tamil at the age of 9 titled - Roja. (that happens to be the first post in my blog). My poems were also well recieved & appreciated by my teachers.
I was initiated and encouraged by my teachers to learn music and was highly inspired by senior students of my school that today Iam most passionate about music.
Even today when I visit my school my teachers ask me wether I continue my music classes & countinue to write poems and when i tell them I do they are so happy.
My decision to take up counselling as a profession was also because I was inspired by a school counsellor who used to address us on a fortnightly basis when I was doing my seventh standard.(& later by my mom!) Today music has a part to play in my profession too as in for relaxation purposes &for kids with behavioural problems.
In all my school has given me all those qualities needed for life in the right quantities, making me a multi-talented person & has instilled in me the confidence to face the whole wide world as a successful indvidual.
Through this post I would like to thank all my teachers& my friends who instilled in me the confidence & been with me through my 13-year journey at Vidya Mandir. These memories of school will always remain evergreen in my memory for many more years to come!!


ashwini said...
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ashwini said...

Im glad u have grt memories of ur alma mater afraid I dont feel that way about my school days hehe perhaps I was a bad student:P

Archana Achuthan said...

Thanks Ashwini!! Glad u liked it!!