Thursday, April 24, 2008

Social Networking Sites - A Boon Indeed!!!

Like every other student on the last day of school and college, I too thought that this would be the last time I would be spending time with my friends....... ( though we exchanged phone numbers & mail ids and promised to keep in touch....) I knew as time passed these phone numbers will change, mail ids will become non- existent & all of us will be busy getting on with our own lives........Untill I came to know of the concept of Social Networking Sites........

Social Networking Sites - I started hearing about them about three years ago through my brother. I would be amazed when he used to give some amazing updates about old friends or happenings in school!!(he studied in the same school as me till his 9th standard), I too wanted to join these sites and search for my old friends....... but as I was not too techno saavy (or net saavy) back then I decided to drop the idea as i was also hesitant to join these sites due to certain ill effects of the Internet....

Then I started working in one of the private hospitals in Chennai, as a research counsellor, there all my collegues used to accesss these sites & they used to enjoy it... I would be a mere spectator to them accessing the sites and a listener to all the chit-chat they had related to this......
When one Febraury morning, one of my collegues asked me wether I was a member in a particular social networking site, I answered in the negetive. Then she motivated me to join it saying that I would really enjoy joining it......... With my own doubts of connecting with my friends(wondering wether I will be able to find them...) I joined the site & I was in for a pleasant surprise because before the end of the day I had found at least 20 of my batch mates & a few seniors from school too!!! I was soooooo happy!!!! My friends were also equally happy to connect with me and were thrilled to know that I have come a looooong way in the journey of life!!!

Today, I have found all my batchmates & quite a few seniors from school& all my batch mates from college (both Under Graduate & Post- Graduate!!)who have become my motivators who constantly encourage me to achieve greater heights in my profession.

Not only that I have become friends with some real "Gems" through common friends through this site, who are a constant source of encouragement and support!!!
I would like to Thank my collegue for initiating me to the magic of social networking!!!
This has led me also to become more tchno saavy/ net saavy and Iam able to meet loads of new people all over the world online and able to tell them about myself , my profession & my institution.

Social networking has made life more enjoyable and at the same time it serves the purpose of promoting myself and my institution and Iam glad that Iam able to reach out to many people across the world!!

Social networking will be a joy ride if you connect with long-lost friends from school and college and with people whom you know that you have a common friend to check upon....& maintain a safe distance with people.... There are a lot of different perceptions andopinions on Social Networking Sites but according to me, a Social Networking site is indeed a boon, a joy ride I love riding every day !!!

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