Wednesday, April 30, 2008

God's Best Gifts !!!!

July 21st 2004.... I was waiting after my interview outside the Principal's Office at MSSW....It was
1.30 pm in the afternoon, The senior students of my stream (Msc. Counselling Psychology ) were entering the college, glancing at me while they climbed the staircase to reach their classes... I was waiting there along with my mom with a million thoughts in my mind as to what this college had in store for me......At about 2.15 pm, a thin, tall man with a clean shaven head and a back-pack in hand entered the college, gave me a polite smile as he ran up the stairs,There was a charisma in him that drew my attention to him..... I also gave a smile.
Then my HOD came and gave us the good news that I was offered a seat in the 75 year old prestigious organisation!! Then he took me to meet my seniors, there I met the same man who smiled at me while running up the stairs... I came to know that his name was Ganesh Kumar(least did I know that he will be my "adopted" elder brother at that time!!) He spoke to me very affectionately and so did all my seniors and classmates....
As days went by I came to know that Ganesh was a fitness trainer and life style strategist running his own gym and that he was known as "Gym Ganesh" among friends. The activities of Ganesh within the college and among his friends who were much younger to him were note worthy, He would do everything for his friends and also for our faculty right from xeroxing course material/ buying reference books, events in the department, to arranging the psychological laboratory.....The number of activities that Ganesh did in a day were countless..... I started to admire him for his helpful nature..... I also came to know that he was a victim of a tragic accident in the 90's.(but one will never believe it, if one happens to meet him!!) His way of talking, his courage, his confidence,his never say die attitude,his determination, and most of all his affection towards his friends as well as us his juniors (may be due to the fact he was a only son to his parents, and he considered all the girls in his class and my class as his own younger sisters!!)drew me towards him even more....
Then came our second semester where we had to submit a project report consisting of our four major papers....I did not know how to go about it & I felt I needed guidance as to how to go about it, that was when one my seniors told me " Seek Ganesh's help, he will help you"!!
I had never like actually spoken to Ganesh,(apart from certain One word/ one sentence answer for few questions he asked me on my first day) till that day (it was already 6 months since I had joined college!!) So I went to meet him.... He was talking to some of his classmates seriously, I waited for him by his chair to complete but he did not notice me, the one of his classmates told him that I had come & looks like I wanted to talk to him..... he turned around completely amazed & said "Sorry,sorry solluma enna venum"?? Then I told him what I wanted to & he readily agreed to help. I was overjoyed!! Then on started this bond of friendship, where he helped me not only with the project but with all the papers... Gave me the motivation to do things and instilled in me positive attitude!!! I found out pretty quickly we had similar characterstics like helping tendency, confidence and determination.... By the end of the second semester I realized Ganesh was the elder brother I & had prayed for all the 21 years of my life!!!!He had similar character & even in appearance to a certain extent he was like the elder brother that I had pictured in my mind's eye!!
I started sharing a lot with him I told him about my interests, my dislikes, my family etc.He also did the same!!Then time came for his batch to pass out........... Even then our bond grew & became stronger, he helped me throughout my course right from guiding me to the best places for internship, helping me with the papers to helping me complete my thesis, he lend a helping hand and was of constant guidance and support....... We together organised soft skills workshops for the public on behalf of our college which were super hits & those workshops are carried on till date by the students!!
He supported me in the most adverse and tough times of my life, encouaged me,
asked me to think positive (not only him, Bhavna, his wife- my sister- in-law too!!!) horned my communication skills, helped me to understand people,showed me the outside world, taught me some valuble lessons for life & motivated me to start Sampurn- My Counselling Centre.
They now live abroad, but the three of us are in constant touch with each other.......

"God Does not Give You All That You Pray For At The Same Time, He Gives Them To You In The Right Quantities When You Need Them The Most!!!"

This quote is very true in my case as I got the elder brother who I prayed for all the 21 years of my life along with a Sister-in-law who is jus as sweet and as affectionate as him!!!
My Brother and sister -in -law are God's best gifts to me!! Indeed Iam blessed to have both of them in my life!!!!
This post is to thank them for all that they have done for me :-)


chip sirpi said...

Peeked into ur blog & wow,am i inspired! I am guessing u r pretty young & to have gone on your own so soon is such a stupendous decision. All the very best.Would like to hear more abt the work you do.

Daniel Andrew said...

Goood one!!


Archana Achuthan said...

@ chip sirpi
Thank you as you can see Iam a counselling psychologist running my own counselling centre " Sampurn"in chennai... I do all types of counselling & conduct soft skills training for schools colls & corporates also... Contact me @
if u require Sampurn's services.

Archana Achuthan said...

@ Daniel Andrew

Thanks for your comments!

தமிழன் said...

உங்களின் மொழி நடை நன்றாக இருக்கிறது...

Archana Achuthan said...

@ Thamizan

Mikka Nandri!!

Gopi Nath said...

hi archana it is really good, wat u have come across in the childwood nice keep going in u r profession and
in life
Work hard party harder

Archana Achuthan said...