Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Down Memory Lane....

I would like to take all of u back to the year 1988.... The year I joined my school- Vidya Mandir. As I have mentioned in my previous posts my school not only focussed on academics but also on extra curricular activities like Music, Dance, Drama etc.When it came to music my school taught both western as in we had piano classes and classical music.

During our piano classes we had an "Anna", as we used to refer to the senior students in school come in quite often to play the piano or to help out if we had a school day or any function coming up in school. I liked to listen to this " Anna" play the piano. I would always reach the piano class a few minutes before time and if this " Anna" was playing the piano would listen to it very intently as he was extremely talented in playing the piano.
Days passed and after fifth standard we did not have piano classes and I did not get to see that "Anna" in school.

By the time I reached seventh standard I came across another " Anna"called Guru Charan(Sikkil Gurucharan as he is known now!!) an extremely talented
Carnatic Classical vocalist and I came to know that his was a family of celebrated musicians. He used to sing extremely well and used to help us out with the orchestra at times during school days and actively participate in all music related activities in school. He was an extremely good student too and also served as the Student Pupil Leader of the school. After his batch passed out he became a famous Carnatic Classical Vocalist and I would sometimes read about his concerts or interviews on paper. Years rolled on I finished my studies and became a counsellor.

One morning last year I found a picture of him in the papers with another person, I could not identify who... it said they were both old students of Vidya Mandir and had met at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the school. (An event which I wanted to attend but was unable to!!) and it was given that the other person was an accomplished pianist,and has worked with musicians who are held in high esteem in the musical industry, so I guessed he must be that " Anna" who used to play the piano for us during school days, and also found that his name was Anil Srinivasan. I also found out from the papers that they had done a collaborative project- Madhirakshi (an album) . I was happy to know that my seniors from school had done such a wonderful work together. A few months later last year while surfing channels I saw their interview on Madhirakshi on a music channel. I was very happy for two reasons, one was to see my seniors on-screen and the second my guess that Anil Srinivasan could be that "Anna" who used to play the piano was absolutely right!!! I immediately connected with both of them and today we are good friends. Their collaborative projects- "Madhirakshi" and "Maayaa" are divine, listening to it is a experience by itself!! A "must listen" for evryone.
Iam proud that I studied in the same school as them!!
I feel very honoured and previleged to be their friend, I hope we remain friends forever and wish them all success in their future endavours!!


sampath said...

Extremely well written Archana.... my hearty congratulations. :)

Archana Achuthan said...

Thank you Uncle!!